Group Yoga Classes

Meet me on the Mat!  We'll explore ways for you to Find Your Own Flow and develop a personal yoga practice that's right for you. Do YOUR yoga.

These are mixed level classed in the Vinyasa Krama tradition which are appropriate for both beginners and advanced yogis. They will challenge you physically, enrich you spiritually and increase your flexibility and well-being.  From the wonderful warm-up through the relaxing, rejuvenating ending mindfulness technique, these classes are an exceptional journey through the wonders of yoga. Classes are specifically designed to help you create space in your body, allowing you to move in ways that you thought you could not. Karen is very knowledgeable and each pose is designed with body structure, alignment and safety in mind; the emphasis is on function, not form.  Classes are designed for every-body with lots of modifications so poses feel good and come naturally and easily.

Karen is also available for one-on-one private classes.  Each session is customized to the individual.  You will learn how to work in a loving and compassionate way to restore your health on every level.  A private session may include personalized postures, breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques and other alignment tools to release old traumas and balance the energy field.

Yoga Teacher Training

Want a Yoga Teacher Training that is unique?  One that you will embody what Yoga truly is?  Then this is for you!  Karen is a master teacher with a deep well of knowledge.  She doesn't teach a style of yoga but a philosophy that applies to all styles.  You will find YOUR YOGA and unlike typical YTTs, you will be exposed to multiple modalities beside Yoga Poses such as 7 Directions, Anatomy, Auras, Ayurveda, Ball & Wall Class, Bandhas, Breathing Techniques, Chair Yoga, Chakras, Crystal Healing, Energetic Bodies, Joint Freeing Series, Yoga for Kids, Meridians & Nadis, Partner Poses, Restorative Yoga, Shamanism, Mudras, Mantras, and lots of yogic philosophy and Sanskrit.  The Teaching Manual is over 330 pages and is the embodiment of Karen's 40 years of practice and training with some of the most world reknown teachers. This is an intensive training but Karen is down to earth and makes each class fun and easy going.  The testimonials reflect the transformation graduates experienced.

Empower yourself with a solid yoga foundation, deepen your practice and make teaching a reality. This Yoga Teacher Training embarks you on a profound journey of self-discovery; empowers you to listen to your inner teacher – the Sat Guru; offers a holistic, integrated, comprehensive training to build a foundation upon which to teach the ancient art and healing practice of yoga. You do not need to have the desire to become a yoga teacher to participate; this YTT is open to anyone at any level of experience. Many participants are simply enthusiastic students!

Begins February and ends in October.

Tools for Transformation Workshop Series

Are you ready to release stagnant energy? Did you know that we store experiences in the cells of the body? Tools for Transformation is about freeing energy, strengthening your aura, awakening your luminous body and bringing a deeper sense of balance, healing and ease into your world.

Join me for an experiential 7-week workshop on creating health and harmony using simple yet powerful tools that activate your self-healing abilities.  Listen to her podcast to learn more about these life changing workshops

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