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Section 1: Yoga Lessons
Yoga Lessons
Private Lessons

Ideal for the busy professional, individual lessons work around your schedule to offer flexibility and personal attention.  The focus is on you to fine tune your practice, address any health concerns, hasten your progress and/or save valuable time.


  • Private Yoga Sessions are a wonderful introduction for those new to yoga, students looking for individual attention with their yoga practice, or to students that are unable to attend regularly scheduled classes.

  • Semi-Private Sessions can be shared between 3-4 students for additional savings.


​Because everyone's needs are unique, each one-on-one session is customized to your needs and to fit your lifestyle.  Yoga is a complementary healing modality typically working on a private, one-on-one basis, so that a person's individual situation and context can be understood and specifically addressed.


Initial Assessment: $90 / hour

Online and personalized yoga classes also offered via Skype or Zoom.  Please Contact me if you are interested in this individualized service.

Private session in your Home: $75 / hour

        Travel Fee: $90 / hour if more than a 30 min drive

Private one-on-one session in my Home: $60 / hour

         Senior rate:  $50 / hour

Packages of multiple sessions are also available at a discounted rate (5% discount) and are payable upon initial assessment.  Packages are typically 10-week (10 hr) programs in your home or my home studio.

Group Lessons

Small Group or Yoga Party (Groups of 5 or more): $15 / person

Corporate Yoga: $90 / hour


Pricing is negotiated based on type of business (for profit, non-profit, school, etc.), length of class, number of classes per day/week, length of contract (discounts are available for longer term contracts).


  • Mondays from 6-7:15pm at YogaSpace, Bethel, CT  (In studio & live streamed)

  • Wednesday from 6:30-7:30pm at Newtown Continuing Ed, Newtown, CT   (During school year)

  • Thursdays from 6-7:15pm at YogaSpace, Bethel, CT  (In studio & live streamed)

  • First Weekend of each Month is Yoga Teacher Training.  Saturday from 1:30-3:30pm is open to the public for Continuing Education Credit and/or to deepen your yoga studies.

These are mixed level classed in the Vinyasa Krama tradition which are appropriate for both beginners and advanced yogis. They will challenge you physically, enrich you spiritually and increase your flexibility and well-being.  From the wonderful warm-up through the relaxing, rejuvenating ending mindfulness technique, these classes are an exceptional journey through the wonders of yoga. Classes are specifically designed to help you create space in your body, allowing you to move in ways that you thought you could not. Karen is very knowledgeable and each pose is designed with body structure, alignment and safety in mind; the emphasis is on function, not form.  Classes are designed for every-body with lots of modifications so poses feel good and come naturally and easily.

Group Class Schedule
Yoga Classes
Please Use Link to Studio above

Empower yourself with a solid yoga foundation, deepen your practice and make teaching a reality. This Yoga Teacher Training embarks you on a profound journey of self-discovery; empowers you to listen to your inner teacher – the Sat Guru; offers a holistic, integrated, comprehensive training to build a foundation upon which to teach the ancient art and healing practice of yoga. You do not need to have the desire to become a yoga teacher to participate; this YTT is open to anyone at any level of experience. Many participants are simply enthusiastic students!


Who is this training for?

  • Anybody with a sincere interest in learning the authentic meaning of yoga

  • Serious yoga students who seek a deeper experience of personal practice

  • Aspiring yoga teachers who want a solid foundation in the principals of yoga theory and practice so they can skillfully teach yoga in group classes

  • Current yoga teachers wishing to fill their wells and receive deeper insights through continued practice and study

  • Body workers and/or health professionals looking for a closer connection to the spiritual dimension of yoga and possibly pursuing this as ongoing education

This YTT curriculum has been developed over the course of Karen’s nearly 40 years’ experience to offer you a solid foundation in the art and science of teaching yoga.   This YTT is unique in the way it weaves Yoga, Ayurveda and 7 Directions sequencing.  The You will not learn a style; you will learn the 5 Principles that can be applied to all styles.  You will learn to teach YOUR yoga.  The YTT manual is one of the most comprehensive and detailed trainings you’ll ever find with over 350 pages!! 

Yoga Teacher Training
Section 2: Energy Healing
Energy Session

What to Expect in a Healing Session...

Upon arrival, you will remove your shoes and while fully clothed, relax on the massage table.


I will ground and prepare myself for our session.  I will set an intention and say a prayer on your behalf.


You choose how your session is administered - light touch on your joints and chakras, hands off, or hands just above your body.  I will work over and around you performing different shamanic techniques and rituals.  You may hear drumming, rattles, bells, chanting, feel air being blown, have sacred rocks and crystals placed on different parts of your body, smell sage or palo santo smoke, feel a pendulum above your body, and anything else that spirit may request during the session.  The healing sound of drums and rattles allow your mind to drop into a deep theta or meditative state.


Relax and let it work.  The energy will do what is needed and go where needed.  Most people just enjoy the experience and don't talk.  However, please feel free to ask any questions or share any experiences as we go.


A typical session lasts 60 min depending on the need of the client.  We will spend a brief time after to talk.


The healing work will not stop at the healing session.  Shamanic Healing is very deep work that can affect the client on a deep sub-conscious level for up to a few weeks after the session.  Often there are deep shifts in the body, mind and spirit.  However, your intent, follow-through and integration is part of the healing work – it’s not passive.

I recommend that alcohol or any consciousness altering substances be avoided for 24 hours after a healing session (except for prescribed meditations) and that you drink a LOT of water to help in the clearing process.


Energy Clearing...................................................................... $150/hr

Numerology Chart.................................................................. $100 per chart

End of Life Care...................................................................... $150/hr

Tools for Transformation Workshop Series

Are you ready to release stagnant energy? Did you know that we store experiences in the cells of the body? Tools for Transformation is about freeing energy, strengthening your aura, awakening your luminous body and bringing a deeper sense of balance, healing and ease into your world.

This experiential 7-week workshop is about creating health and harmony using simple yet powerful tools that activate your self-healing abilities.  Listen to Karen's podcast to learn more about these life changing workshops


7-Week Series.......................................................................... $250



Because all situations are different and everyone's needs vary, I will customize my services to fit your lifestyle.  Time estimates are based on complexity, scope, and materials used in accomplishing our mutual goal.  Organization sessions are sold in 3-hour increments at $75 per hour.  Packages of multiple sessions are also available at a discounted rate:

  • 10hr package - $713  (5% discount)

  • 20hr package - $1,350  (10% discount)

  • 30hr package - $1,913  (15% discount)

  • 40hr package - $2,400  (20% discount)


Payment will be due after each session including any items you have authorized for use in completing your project (i.e. baskets, containers, etc.).  A $100 deposit is required to begin your project. Any returned check will be charged a $30 fee.


Additional Services (if requested)

  • Consulting Services..............................................$50/hour

  • Donation drop off ................................................. $30 per trip

  • Shopping for storage/organizational tools ........... $30/hour

Section 3: Professional Organizing

* Bartering is sometimes available for services I can use.  Please feel free to Contact me and ask if you have services to barter with.


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